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John Papworth - Dispute Board/Dispute Adjudication Board Chairman and Member, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator, Conciliator and Expert Determiner.

Dispute Boards, International Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration - Engineering and Construction

John Papworth - Dispute Board, Dispute Adjudication Board and Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Board Chairman and Member, International Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediator and Conciliator - Advisor on Contracting Strategy and Procurement in Infrastructure

International Dispute Resolution and International Arbitration

Welcome to this updated and slightly revised website of Dispute Board Chairman and Member John Papworth FRICS, FCIArb, FICE, FACostE, FCInstCES, AFIChemE, and a Chartered Arbitrator. John is a sole practitioner in international dispute resolution prevention and International Arbitration in engineering and construction. At the bottom of this page are the quickest ways to contact John and his most recent CV to download.

On the next page, you will find out more about John and about his part in Dispute Boards, Dispute Adjudication Boards and Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Boards, International Arbitration and the various other forms of dispute avoidance and resolution, claims preparation and in non-contentious work and strategic consultancy.

After that, there is a page describing the types of training and CPD events he can give. This is followed by a page of news and events, which gives a summary of the most interesting and relevant events coming up. Finally, there is a page of links to many excellent international sites, including law reports.

John has a wealth of over 50 years’ experience of Dispute Boards, Dispute Adjudication Boards, international arbitration and other types of dispute resolution in various countries in East, West and Southern Africa, Asia, including India and the Middle East, the Caribbean, the Far East and Europe.

His experience covers power stations, oil and gas projects, highways, railways, process, nuclear and general civil engineering, controls and instrumentation micro-tunnelling and other underground services.

Contracting Strategy and Procurement in Infrastructure

As well as resolving disputes, John has worked at the initial stages of international construction contracts. With the current emphasis on infrastructure projects in many countries, this is particulalrly relevant. Having worked on power plants and power generation projects, highways, railways and underground services, John has the knowledge and experience to advise on contracting strategy and procurement.


Fees are always agreed in advance. They can be tailored to suit the client and the nature of the assignment. For some work, lump sums can be quoted and work carried out in agreed and managed stages. In certain cases, free initial advice may be available. For other appointments, generally a charge per unit of time applies.


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